Helping Coworkers improve Their mental & Physical health

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For many moms, the urge to care and comfort others goes beyond offspring and extends to others close to them. While keeping children on the right track and out of harm’s way will always take priority over concerns about the well-being of others, it’s perfectly natural for moms to want to be motherly beyond motherhood itself.

For working moms, this typically translates into concern for coworkers who seem out of step either mentally, physically, or both. While there ought to be boundaries to follow as far as getting involved in the personal matters of others, there are a number of things moms can do to help a coworker improve their mental or physical health. After-all, who doesn’t need a little encouragement in these departments now and then?

Gi informasjon

Whether it’s a weight problem, substance abuse problem, or a personal issue causing chronic grief in a coworker’s life, the key to helping them help themselves is typically the power of information. perhaps the person isn’t aware of the types of substance abuse treatment options available, or doesn’t know how exercise impacts health. simply providing this knowledge and offering quality treatment centers can be enough to get the process started.

Gi gaver

Whether it’s a birthday or holiday celebration, gift-giving provides an opportunity for working moms to help coworkers feel better and enjoy life a little more. For managers, this could be done on a grand scale, such as healthy corporate holiday gift baskets, such as those offered by Manhattan Fruitier, for everyone in the department. Not only do these baskets make a perfect gift, they also encourage your co-worker to treat themselves with a delicious snack.

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Listen closely

For many people, the problems which threaten their mental and physical well being tend to have a single root cause. That’s not to say the solution is a matter of solving this one problem, but that any attempts to help someone improve themselves have to account for this core issue. The first step involves listening closely to what this person has to say about their problems, assuming they are willing to open up. It’s not uncommon for people to brush over the major problem in their lives and focus on struggles which are in some way caused by the avoided topic. Uncovering the root requires paying attention.

Ask the right questions

The second step towards getting to the root cause of a coworker’s problems is asking the right questions. That is, rather than directly confront a coworker with the fact they are denying the role a problem plays in their lives, ask questions which cause them to confront this issue in their answer. For instance, if a coworker seems to have a drinking problem but focuses on their inability to get to sleep, ask them if they’ve tried quitting drinking to see if it impacts their sleep. It goes from being a lecture to being a dialogue.

Don’t give up

Unlike our children, who are at a stage in life where changing bad behaviors and fighting bad habits is relatively easy, grownups in the workplace are going to have a tougher time sticking to positive changes. As a concerned coworker, patience is essential. just like you wouldn’t give up on your child, don’t give up on a coworker struggling with one or more major life obstacles. Your patience could very well be the game-changing factor and even if it isn’t, it will still play a major role in their recovery.

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Most moms know what it’s like to have motherly feelings towards a close pal or coworker. While it may be our urge to dive right in with advice and lessons, it’s best to stand back and approach the situation carefully. give the person the chance to come to their senses themselves. for each of us who have faced our own personal battles in life, true success didn’t occur until we took control ourselves. The same is true for our kids and anyone else.

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