Four things I discovered from the 2012 presidential election

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a year as well as a half of media protection as well as 2 billion dollars spent on political ads the 2012 presidential election is lastly over. like numerous Americans the Obama success has saddened me as well as left me frightened for my childrens’ futures. However, I am trying my finest to put the election behind by reflecting on what I have learned.

1. America voted for four much more years of  incredibly high unemployment, sluggish economic growth, out-of-control government spending,  socialized medicine, as well as much more as well as much more Americans living in hardship as well as depending on food stamps as well as other public assistance.

I don’t believe I will ever comprehend why so numerous Americans knowingly selected four much more years of what I believe is a dismal future for our children. Some people insurance claim that people voted for Obama since the mainstream media bias towards liberals as well as progressives. Others insurance claim that voters are just not informed sufficient on the history of our country as well as exactly how government policies have an effect on our Republic. I believe that the result of the election has to be because of to a combination of each.

2. America will never be the same.

The republic of the past, private freedoms as well as totally free market system that when made this country excellent is gone.  numerous people immigrated to the us to go after the “American Dream.” however after this election our country is looking much more like Europe as well as the “American Dream,” is fading.  Obama shown that when you grow the government rapidly as well as broaden public support the people who depend on public support are much more likely to vote for the officials who provided them the public assistance.  numerous much more Americans today have provided up on searching for work as well as have accepted welfare as a new normal.  If the government is going to provide them a totally free handout then they will take it.  With higher taxes as well as much more government policy on company there are fewer tasks as well as less entrepreneurs.

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3. A social as well as economic collapse as well as social upheaval are in the near future.

This past summertime we viewed Greece’s economic climate sink as well as their people voted for much more of the exact same just like the US.  According to The economic Collapse Blog, in June the unemployment rate in Greece was at 22%.  If you count the millions of Americans who have stopped getting unemployment however are still out of work, we are rapidly catching as much as Greece. just like Greece, if the Obama administration continues to run up the shortage as well as put government programs on a credit rating card our economic climate will collapse, food as well as gas costs will go up as well as the us dollar will be worthless.  A major economic crises will undoubtedly result in social upheaval in our country.

4. My belief as well as prayer will assist me get with the next four years.

My cherished America may be altering however my belief is getting stronger every day.  I requirement to inform myself much more on our countries founding principles as well as pray everyday for the United States, president Obama as well as my children’s futures.  I decline to be a sore loser as well as will not dwell on what went wrong during this election.  Yes, I believe that the election was about great versus evil as well as evil won.  However, God will prevail. He is the way, the reality as well as the light.  We requirement to count on in Him.

*This is an editorial as well as may or may not show the opinions of all the writers on The healthy mothers Magazine.

Cascia Talbert is a hectic blogger, publisher, freelance writer, on the internet vendor as well as mom of five children, living in The Pacific Northwest. With a B.A. in history as well as legislation as well as a enthusiasm for composing as well as staying healthy, she started The healthy mothers magazine in 2007. The healthy mothers magazine is currently placed the top health and wellness blog for motherS samt har en rekke helse- og velværefaglige forfattere samt morbloggere. Fru Talbert mener at hvis mammaer er godt informert om helse- og velværeproblemer, så vel som nøyaktig hvordan de skal holde seg friske, kan de gi den informasjonen ned til barna sine, samt reversere ungdomsstatistikken i USA i USA.

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