10 active ways to spend Your spring

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Do you smell that in the air?  That’s the welcoming aroma of spring!  It’s finally arrived and winter is now in the rear view mirror.  The ice is melting and giving way to tiny buds of flowers perking up from the ground.  Let’s face it, nobody wants to “spring clean” when it’s 65 degrees and sunny outside.  get out there and enjoy the time with your family!  here are some fun and creative ways to squeeze everything you can from this wonderful season.

1.  Hiking

Explore nature!  The birds are chirping, the fish are swimming in the pond, and the plant life is luscious and green.  here is a fun way to sneak in some exercise.  pack for the day with food, water, and accessories.  baby carriers can be used to securely strap your child to your back and make it a family day on the trail.

2.  Kite Flying

Seriously, when was the last time you flew a kite?  If you can’t remember, then you are overdue.  I saw a family last week at the park flying a Spiderman kite.  I was jealous.

3.  Boating

Many lakes offer boating (Pontoon Rentals Near Me) as an activity once the weather allows for it.  This is a safe way to get out on the water with center console boats and have some fun!  You can also break a sweat by paddling along or put your feet up and read a book while floating, if you unfortunately run into some issues while boating, then you can always contact yamaha outboard motor service for assistance. 

4.  Taking Your dog to the Park

He / she has been waiting all winter for this weather!  finally their paws don’t freeze and the grass isn’t covered with inches of that cold white stuff.  spring is the season to let them burn off that winter weight before the hot days of summer arrive.  always remember, a tired dog is a good dog. 

5.  Bubble Blowing

What can be more fun than remembering your childhood for a few minutes?  Those with children can contest to this… bubbles are the best invention EVER.

6.  Bicycling

Taking the bikes out for a ride is one of my personal favorite spring time activities.  There’s not much better than the breeze in the air, the freedom of being on two wheels, and the ability to reach your destination in a short period of time.  Grab the family for this one and just remember to follow all safety precautions.   

7.  Geocaching

Now this is how to entertain a child.  Or even yourself if you enjoy a treasure hunt!  Geocaching is an everyday adventure just waiting to happen.  You can explore your neighborhood or expand beyond that to places you have yet to see.  find the hidden treasure and use your smartphone to log the prize.  use this link for more information

8.  Chalk Coloring

You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home for this one!  just pull up a chair and kick back in the drive way.  This is the perfect spring activity that is not only family friendly, it’s also easy on the wallet. 

9.  go on a Picnic

I used this as a great idea for Valentine’s Day as well.  Picnics are fun for the entire family.  let the kids run around in the grass while mom and dad enjoy a nice bottle of wine and a spread of spring cheeses.

10. Hunting

Call me old fashion or just call me over 30.  I remember my grandfather taking me into the mountains of Nevada to go searching for coyotes.  Not too sure what they look like nowadays, they may come with touch screens and Bluetooth capabilities.  But, if you’re looking for a great way to spend some quality time with a child, then give this a shot. It’s especially fun if you go at night to hunt using night vision monoculars, but you may want to wait until they’re a bit older to take them night hunting. check out the best night Vision Monoculars of 2018: The definitive guide (In-Depth Reviews) for which pair are best for you and your family. If you need any other hunting gear, then you consider taking something like a weather proof hunting backpack.

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