Let There Be Light Is A Metaphor

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“And God said, let there be light.” This is a metaphor, symbolizing universal love.  13.7 billion years ago, the “Big Bang” of science declares about our universe, “Let there be Nature”  and common sense reveals God and Nature are the same existence. This means, “Let there be Love” for light, God or Nature all stand for the same thing, enlightenment, which is good. This has nothing to do with our sun, which came later after the big bang. Eastern and Western philosophers define God in so many ways and in so many different languages; there are thousands of names for God. The general concept is an “Undifferentiated Whole,” existing before the big bang. This “whole” differentiated into its darkness a light in many forms, creating harmony. This light is seen as good in the metaphysical and physical ways of life. Our mental kingdom of God is balancing within us and our physical kingdom of God is balancing all around us in our natural world of Nature.

If we look at the mind and body of a person in the East, there is not much difference from a person in the West, North and South. The same thing is witnessed about a sunrise in the east from the sunset in the west, only the directions we are looking are different. The good in our minds is about love and the good in our body is about the universe’s light spectrum, the many different feelings of our sun’s warmth. It’s all-good, it is all God. What about evil? That is our only problem. In the garden were two trees. One symbolizes “Knowledge” and eating from this tree objectified our ego. we all have an ego, which turns its back on life. E-go means, “evil goes” opposite to our “to love” processes and against our “to live” existence. The other tree is the “Tree of Life” and it is the way back to our experience of Eden, where there is no ego or suffering in mind or body.

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Evil happens when we break the laws of God and of Nature. Our ego is a snake, shedding its skin in any situation to selfishly manipulate whatever it wants. I went to Catholic school until the twelfth grade. When I was a senior I caught a pal lying. I said, “Bobby, are we friends?” He said, of course. “Then why are you lying to me? At our twenty-fifth high school reunion, Bobby reminded me of the story, which I did not remember. He said, “Those questions changed my life’s direction.” When I was eight years old I saw a movie starring Spencer Tracy. At the end of the movie, Tracy’s character was in the hospital, surrounded by his loved ones. A nurse said everyone had to leave. When everyone had left, a young boy came out from under the bed. He asked why everyone loved him so. Tracy said he had a philosophy for life. “It is better to tell the truth, than to tell a lie. It is better to know, than to be ignorant. It is better to be free, than to be a slave.” I remembered this philosophy to this day and it is true!

God created the “Tree of Knowledge”

so we can discover the “Tree of Life”

After high school I was with a pal and he had just broken up with his high school sweetheart of three years. He was angry when he said, “All you have to do is tell a girl you love them to have your way with them.” I said, “Mark you are wrong, all you have to do is tell a girl the truth and be their friend, which benefits both.” For me, it is impossible to lie and get away with it. everyone can feel the truth is not being expressed. God created the “Tree of Knowledge” so we can discover the “Tree of Life.” “There are no rights or wrongs, only consequences from our actions.” “There are no problems, only solutions.” “End all our problems, stop thinking.” These are three other sayings I like from the many wisdom books I reread.

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